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Investor consulting and start-up consulting

The consultants of Goldstein & Partner are your point of reference when it concerns investor and start-up consulting. Thanks to our location-specific network, we ensure - always taking into account your individual requirements -the mediation for all relevant contact persons in the capital region and Brandenburg.



Only the big players in the market can usually afford an all-round service. Start-up consulting is different with us. As business developers in the capital region and Brandenburg, we accompany every establishment process, from the planning up to the handover among other things.

Whether it concerns real estate, facilitation or financing, thanks to our 20+ years of experience, specific industry knowledge and relevant networks, we can open all the doors for you. We support you in site selection, with the renting of offices, business or commercial premises. In addition, we can assist with the staffing or fully take on the role of recruitment.

As an owner-run company, we work fast, dedicated, confidentially and cost-effectivethanks to our lean structures.

Our consultants work with a team of lawyers, accountants and tax advisors to give you an all-round approach thanks to the combined skills. With the gathering of the proper diligence and foresight, we complement and analyse all the aspects and parameters that are required for your investment.

We can be found across five different locations. In addition to the capital region and Brandenburg, we have established an extensive network of cooperation offices in Poland thanks to us being a leading German-Polish firm. Thus, we can tailor the most appropriate and site-specific consultants to best suit you and efficiently coordinate the cooperation in a cross-border manner.

Our services mainly focus on:

  • Help with property research. The mediation of office space and real estate, tailored to your spatial requirements.
  • Furtherance advise on all relevant existing programs in Bremen.
  • Network exchange. Both with administrative matters (town planning office, building regulation office among others), as well as stepping-stones to a variety of institutions, universities and possible co-operation businesses.
  • Support with financing enquires. We advise you on projects in a wide variety of magnitudes - tailored to your personal plan.