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Subsidy advice and funding advice

Are you seeking funding, subsidies and grants for the projects in your company? Our consultants at Goldenstein & Partner would happily advise you and support your project from the application up to the disbursement and the accounting of subsidies and grants.



Germany, together with the European Union, provides remarkable sums of money for national and European projects, from which individual persons, universities, and, in particular, medium-sized companies can benefit from. However, an entire overview of the various possibilities to obtain to public funds is almost impossible.

Meanwhile, every federal state, every industry and, in most cases, every region has a variety of measures, funding pots and furtherances that are available under certain conditions. The correct choice and combination of different funding possibilities, therefore, is particularly important with funding advice.

With over 20 years experience and a team of lawyers, accountants and tax advisors, our consultants assist you in the search and selection of the right funding and support you in the successful application of funding and grants.
The foundation for a sound consultation is thus an exact analysis of the actual situation and the aims, which can be achieved by using the desired financial support basis. If the feasibility study leadsto the conclusion that a subsidy is eligible, an appropriate concept can be developed.
Cleverly designed funding advice will save you a lot of time. Sophisticated information retrieval eliminates troublesome administrative procedures and the application procedure shall be fully prepared. At the same time, your chances of approval by banks and lenders increases, if you follow through with an application in the presence of a professional consultant.

We support our customers throughout the entire funding process. From the evaluation of funding eligibility (e.g., with the help of our funding quick-checks), the application for funding to the obtaining of the individual notice.
And if we speak about funding, we mean across the spectrum: from non-repayable grants to state venture capital.From public-interest loans to guarantees. It should be mentioned, in this respect, that with funding consultation through public support, you may even get a large part of the consultation costs back.

With our advice and active support, we focus on clients and concentrate on the specific needs and objectives to find tailor-made solutions.

As a leading German-Polish firm, we find the most appropriate contact person with our five different locations. This, therefore, is possible with the competent and practical consultation of German companies with their launch in Poland and, on the other hand, the support of Polish companies with the access funding in the Germany.



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