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Supply Chain Management

An efficient supply chain management system is the foundation of every successfully active company these days.

Supply chain management forms an important element for the successful implementation of your business strategy. Using this, you can define how processes, organization and IT systems must be shaped from the customer up to the supplier so that you can meet current and future requirements.

Companies, that have a strategy concerning a successful supply chain, can clearly differentiate from their competitors. They are able to offer a better service at lower costs, thus ensuring a long-term competitive edge.
However, successful supply chain management must fulfil the requirements of complex, multi-stage value changes - even networks. Elementary factors include, among others, the shaping of leaner supply chains, the application of modern methods for planning and control and - not least - the close cooperation of partners.

All of this requires professional consultation in order to find a specific and tailor-made supply chain strategy and to allow for an all-round optimisation for your company. The interdisciplinary cooperation of our consultants with lawyers, accountants and tax advisors at Goldstein & Partner helps to encourage the combining of the most diverse skills in order to offer you all-round consulting. As we are an owner-run firm, the lean structures allow for a cost efficient approach.

We, at Goldstein & Partners, offer you concepts, methods, and solutions that can significantly improve and sustainably change your supply chain management-organization with regards to your company culture, your processes and the use of information technology. We work together with you to guarantee a unified and smooth material flow across all value chains, which ensures an informal and economical supply of customers and we support you in the configuration and coordination of production capacity.

The worldwide presence of customers and global competition as well as the expansion of networks with cooperation partners make the central coordination of all activities and stakeholders necessary. As the leading German-Polish firm with five different locations, we understand something about the coordination and interaction of our employees and will find the most applicable contact person for you at any location.

We can therefore also act for you across borders and put the successful methods and best solutions in place, based on 20 years of experience in different industries and consulting projects.



We offer the following supply chain management services, among others:

  • Definition and implementation of supply chain strategies
  • Definition and implementation of organizational and process models
  • Implementation of supply chain potential analysis
  • Introduction of sales, inventory & operations planning (SI&OP)
  • Sales & demand planning
  • Supply planning
  • Inventory planning
  • (Multi-site) Production planning
  • Transportation planning

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