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Legal advice

Our office Goldenstein & Partner advises and represents you in Germany and Poland. The focus is on the integrated consultation in all economic and  corss-border law-related aspects. Using the combination of legal and tax-related competencies, we generate added value and consultation at one go.

We are thus able understand your queries holistically, evaluate them correctly, identify risks as early as possible and generate tailor-made solutions for the same. Another advantage lies in our team diversity: Our german and polish lawyers come from varied industrial sectors and thus bring along substantial relevant expertise and practical experience.

As an owner-managed corporate law firm, we mainly consult mid-size companies, domestic and international investors, freelancers and major international corporations who appreciate our cost-effective and personalised consultations.

We are based in the capital region for over 20 years and are well-connected. Furthermore, we have created an extensive network of collaborative firms in Poland. Thus, depending on the query, we can deploy the best suitable lawyers and we can efficiently coordinate cross-border collaborations.

Our activities lie mainly in the following legal domains:­

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