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Lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisers of Goldstein & Partner advise and represent national and international clients domestically and internationally in arbitration.



A quick and long-term solution of potential conflicts is beneficial for all the parties involved. Therefore, avoiding legal dispute is a core concern of our law firm.We help out clients to save time, money and resources – so that they can concentrate on their core business.This is mainly possible through arbitration.

Courts of arbitration are the private courts, which conclusively decide a lawsuit under affiliation of the state courts. Benefits are the cost reduction, high quality, confidentiality of the process, flexible process constitution and international enforceability, which our clients – mainly the SMEs – appreciate.

Our activities range from the initiation of the proceedings for selection of the arbitrator, drafting of pleadings and the presentation of evidence, to the representation of parties and witnesses questioning in the trial.Lawyers of our team are often also active as arbitrators in addition to representing the involved parties in arbitration proceedings, either due to designation of a party or as chairperson of the court of arbitration, who is designated collectively by the other arbitrators or is selected by the responsible arbitration institution.

Our partner-based, interdisciplinary consultative approach currently pays off for our clients in the litigations and arbitration proceedings.Together with you, we find the ideal solution both economically and legally.You should select the arbitrators by nationality, language and expertise - it should be someone, who understands your culture and your business. We are also well familiar with the international arbitration clauses of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC ) and represent our clients worldwide in international arbitration proceedings, wherein we are proficient in German, English, Polish and Russian thanks to our specialization in Eastern Europe.

20 years experience in this branch of law enables us to assist our clients in various legal disputes effectively and successfully and to avoid legal disputes at an early stage.



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