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Commercial criminal law and criminal tax law

Lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisers of Goldenstein & Partner advise the companies, managers and private clients on all the questions related to tax litigations and white-collar crimes.



The legislature and the jurisdiction have increasingly sharpened the criminal taxation law in the recent years. The options with respect to voluntary self-disclosure to avoid penalisation have been constrained.In addition to this, the prominent cases have made it clear that this development imposes imposes special requirements on the criminal taxation law related plea.

A professional representation is thus imperative. However, this is possible just with a tax adviser, if and as long as the tax authorities conduct the penal proceedings. As soon as the public prosecutor conducts the proceedings, a lawyer must be appointed.
Thus, our clients benefit from our symbiosis of legal and fiscal competence in a special way. We analyse and evaluate the facts and the impending consequences related to criminal taxation law in every aspect in cooperation with the specialists. In doing so, we consider answering the question of voluntary self-disclosure to avoid penalisation intelligently, comprehensively and legally for our clients as our core task. We achieve this with our interdisciplinary consultative approach.

Our team of specialised lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisers supports you professionally and diplomatically from preventive legal constitution to representation in corporate criminal proceedings and criminal tax proceedings – a comprehensive advice by a single person so that you best assert your interests and requirements.

Our chambers represent our clients in criminal code for tax offences since over 20 years. Thus, avoiding the judicial enquiry and the penal proceedings is at the forefront of our actions.

This topic is becoming increasingly important even internationally. Our clients benefit from the multilingualism of our employees as well as the expert knowledge in the international matters against the background of increasingly intensive exchange of fiscal data across national borders.



Our services predominantly include:

  • The voluntary self-disclosure to avoid penalisation after a tax evasion is considered as ideal way for rectification of issues with the criminal taxation law at an early stage
  • Tax investigation is often the dramatic entrance in proceedings in criminal taxation law. The rights against tax investigation are often unknown.
  • The defence in the criminal tax proceedings always also implies the clarification of the problems in the tax law, e.g. in case of a valuation.
  • The right to remain silent and the right to a defence lawyer, rights as witness.
  • Measures against denunciation, for the risk of anonymous disclosure of resentful persons, "first-come, first-served".
  • Advise on law of amnesty (StraBEG), or on the consequences of incorrect claims.

Our lawyer for commercial criminal law and criminal tax law:


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