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Company succession

Lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisers of Goldenstein & Partner advise you on relevant issues of business succession.

The structure of your company is the "lifework" of many entrepreneurs.They want to protect and preserve the lifework even for the successor. However, a successful business succession is the pre-requisite for maintenance, in order to ensure the continued existence of the company.

However, the business succession, i.e. the transfer of the company, is a complex and often time-consuming endeavour. Apart from business, inheritance and family law related issues, there is also a fiscal side that is of relevance.

We provide a qualified and comprehensive advice after taking into consideration legal, fiscal and economic factors of your business succession, with the cooperation of lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisers at Goldenstein & Partner.

We also have good contacts with credit institutions and thus we are able to support the successor with the financing and development of funding opportunities.We have learnt from decades of experience:Business succession is a matter of trust. Thus, both the interests of the successor as well as the the transferring company must be identified, evaluated and compensated. In this way, we work together with our clients on customized solutions for them.



Our scope of services mainly includes the following:

  • The monitoring of the entire transaction process (strategy, letter of intent, due diligence, fiscal and legal structuring, preparation of contract documentation, especially corporate acquisition and participation agreements, management of contract negotiations)
  • The reorganization and restructuring of companies
  • The integration of investments and parts of businesses
  • The revision of statutes and shareholder agreements
  • The new appointments of executive bodies and
  • The conclusion of business contracts
  • The financing of acquisition
  • The company purchase during the crisis (Distressed M & A)
  • The merger control
  • Public takeovers
  • Bidding processes, privatizations, joint ventures

Our lawyer for company succession:


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