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Copyright law

Lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisers of Goldstein & Partners advise you comprehensively and reasonably on all the relevant questions of copyright law.

Whether images , texts, music , films, photos , websites, graphics , computer programs or videos - every "intellectual creation" has a corresponding copyright - is protected by copyright. However, in order to assert this, more is necessary than just relying on the authorship.
Intellectual property right owners rely on precise knowledge of their vested rights, in order to obtain long-term, comprehensible and enforceable protection for their creations and ideas.The implementation of these objectives must be thus tackled as early as possible, in order to ensure an optimum functioning with intellectual property.

Currently, the capital region, in which we are located and well networked, increasingly attracts the creative potential from around the world. More and more founders and young entrepreneurs are settling here. We provide them a competent and comprehensive advice on all copyright issues.

Besides, we also help in cases of antitrust warnings for alleged trademark or copyright infringement. The decisive factor is our interdisciplinary consultative approach.Our clients obtain a comprehensive protection commercially and legally through our lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisers.

The following services are also included in our offered service scope:

  • General advice and assistance in establishment and utilization of intellectual property.
  • Consultation and enforcement of your claims (especially omission, disclosure and indemnity) in the event of a infringement of your copyright or related rights, particularly due to the unauthorized public rendition on the Internet, duplication, publication or performance of your creations.
  • Advice and defence upon receipt of an (alleged) infringement of copyright.
  • Assistance in the utilization (license agreements) or the marketing of copyright services, particularly the drafting of contracts for the production and licensing of creations of all kinds (photography, music, films, software, stage productions, book publications, etc.).
  • Drafting of contracts for the joint production of works of all kinds (music, films, software, stage productions , book publications, etc.) and development of creative and technical innovations (research and development).

Our lawyer for copyright law:


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