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GTCB law in Germany

Goldenstein & Partner offers in the range of AGB-law a broad and individualized consultation to you. Relying on our long-termed experience as business law office located in Germany and Poland our attorneys and tax accountants are pleased to give you the best consultation as both in German and Polish law in the respective language.

What is GTCB-law?

Nearly everyone is confronted with GTCB nowadays be that trading with mobile contracts or regarding contracts between companies. GTCB-law speaks about the law of general business terms (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedigungen – AGB). Those are business terms which are pre-formulated and used for a variety of  contracts. One of the affiliates is using them while contracting with his partner. The so formulated business terms can be inoperative when they are verbalised the wrong way. Referring to the principle of transparency the AGB-law regulates the opportunity of inspecting those business rules regarding their content. Therefore the rights and duties of the contract partner have to emerge clearly out of the rules. Further it is prohibited to put the contract partner at a disadvantage in an improper way by using those rules. With our wide experiences on that field we can advise you in an affordable, effective and comprehensive way.

What underlies GTCB-law?

The AGB-law unfolds a wide impact because it can be applied on different kinds of contracts. Please find a selection of AGB for different fields of law below:

  • GTCB of credit institutions – general bank contract law
  • General building society saving terms (ABB) – building society saving law
  • General travel terms – travel law
  • General German carrier terms (ADSP) – forwarding law
  • General insurance terms – insurance law
  • General contract terms for the completion of construction performance (VOB/B) – private construction law

Our performance on the field of AGB-law is always orientated on your requirements. All occurring problems are part of our conversation with you and lead to an individual and convenient solution for you.

Our business activities in GTCB-law are:

  • Examination of general business terms on their efficacy
  • Preparation of general business terms – individually justified on your company
  • General business terms for Apps
  • Consultation on dealing with ineffective general business terms

In particular we advise you in the following sectors:

  • Genearal terms and conditions for apps (App-GTCB)
  • Genearal terms and conditions for eBay (eBay-GTCB)
  • Genearal terms and conditions for Online Shops (E-Commerce-GTCB)

Do you have any requests to the AGB-law topic and you need individual consultation? Please feel free to contact us! We will prepare a nonbinding offer for you free of charge. 

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