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Liability of manager and managing director

At Goldenstein & Partner we provide comprehensive advice on all the relevant questions related to the liability of the manager & the managing director.



Management of the enterprise is obliged to organize the company such that there are no statutory violations. If this is not ensured, then the management may be liable personally for all the assets.Although each manager is granted a wider room for manoeuvre, without which an entrepreneurial activity would not be possible, this in turn always involves the possibility of miscalculations.

We can help you in avoiding the liability proceedings already at an early stage with over twenty years of experience in the field of liability of the manager. We also always use the latest tools and methods in our consultation to avoid the liability of the company and the manager for finding the best solution for you.

These include the measures of corporate compliance amongst others.This means by taking the organizational measures, it can be ensured that the law in use by all the parties involved (the company management, the managers and the workforce) is preserved. Lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisers of Goldenstein & Partner advice, especially the SMEs, in the area of compliance, D&O , corporate criminal law protection and fidelity to minimize the risk of personal liability of managing directors.



Our scope of services predominantly includes:

Liabiliy and obligations to the third parties and the society

  • Raising and retaining the capital
  • Prohibited payments to the creditors
  • Infringement destroying an establishment
  • Delayed filing of insolvency
  • Social security contributions
  • Arrears of income tax, sales tax, corporate tax

Prosecution and insurance

  • Relief, waiver, settlement, limitation of liability
  • Burden of demonstration and evidence
  • Directors and officers insurance (D & O insurance)

Particular areas of risk and liability consequences

  • Delegation and assignment of business
  • Restraint on competition and attracting business opportunities
  • Compliance
  • Intellectual property rights infringement and breaches of competition law
  • Liability in criminal taxation law

Our lawyer for liability of manager and managing director


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