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Trademark law

Our lawyers and tax advisors support you in all the processes, right from registration of your trademark, to the brand management, to defending your rights in case of a trademark infringement.

Trademark protection has become increasingly important in the recent years to the regional and international companies in the context of a globalization of economy and contributes significantly to the success or failure of a company. The timely protection of your own trademark is thus often a prerequisite for long-term business success.

More and more start-ups are emerging in the capital region, where we are based, due to optimum conditions that exist here. We advise and support these in the starting phase and even thereafter. Trademark law concerns not only the brand creation with respect to trademark law, but also its validation and retention of the brand. Our clients include the medium businesses which seek our support for protecting their newly developed product names also.

We protect your brands, your ideas, your products in collaboration with you and thus form the basis for your economic success.

Our scope of services include the following amongst others:

  • Individual evaluation of the prospects of success of your trademark registration
  • Identical search in trademark registers with applicability for Germany (DPMA, HABM, WIPO)
  • Formulation of register of goods and services for your brand on the basis of information provided by you
  • Formulation and submission of trademark registration
  • Standard correspondence with DPMA
  • Regular monitoring of the facts of the matter
  • Verification and forwarding the acknowledgement of receipt and the brand certificate
  • Monitoring the payment deadlines
  • Monitoring the objection period

Our lawyer for Trademark law:


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