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Accounting | Payroll and Financial Accounting

One needs to obtain accurate information regarding money and service flows within an operation. Accounting is done for this purpose: It automatically captures money and service flows; as well as documents and monitors the same. We consolidate the relevant information for our customers so that you can present your accounts to the revenue board, the banks or even the social insurance carriers at any point of time.The data prepared - and interpreted upon request - can be applied for controlling and planning as well.



We will process the following for you:


  • Monthly salaries and wages
  • Construction salaries
  • Management of salary accounts
  • Income tax registration
  • Statement of contributions
  • Preparing all payment media
  • Electronic data transfer to the corresponding offices (e.g. revenue board, health insurance, etc.)
  • Employment and income records
  • Registration to social security
  • Registration to trade association
  • Registrations to complementary pensions scheme of the construction industry
  • Joining and exit of employees
  • Participation in income tax audits
  • Participation in reviews of social insurance media

Financial Accounting

  • Setting up an accounting system
  • Monthly accounting
  • Discussion of the periodic results (monthly, quarterly or annually)
  • Advance tax return including the supplementary applications and registrations
  • Monthly evaluations; the foll. belong to the same e.g.:Economic evaluation,

    • Controlling report,
    • Liquidity overview,
    • Cash-flow statement,
    • Costs and service accounting,
    • Inter-company comparisons
    • List of open items

  • Support for self-accounting
  • Assistance in selection of accounting systems for self-booking
  • Assistance in selecting the account limits (standard, account limits created by the industries or individual)
  • Assistance in setting up company-individual evaluations for the business reporting.

Kindly contact us in case of further questions:

Dariusz Kowalczyk

German tax consultant
Master of business administration
Polish tax consultant
Special consultant for restructuring and insolvency administration (DStV e. V.)


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