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General tax-related consultation

Each company and every family is unique. For us, this means: Each client is unique. We carefully differentiate the respective concerns of the clients and yet don’t lose sight of the big picture:

Creative individual consultation

Company purchase and sale

  • Development of transaction strategies / models / structures
  • Supporting the transactions, Due Diligence - Execution and support
  • Tax-related and business-related support of the transaction

Company reviews

  • Various reviews at various occasions
  • Procedures in accordance with IDQ 51 or review law (BewG)

Company restructuring

  • Tax-related and business-related consultation for structuring concepts as well as implementation and support.

Succession consultancy

  • Company succession consultancy, evaluation and sale (MBI, MBO)
  • Participation of investors,foreign business management model, donations
  • Tax-optimised estate planning
  • Tax-optimised organisation of the anticipated inheritance
  • Gratuitous transfer within family
  • Tax planning to reduce any gift and inheritance tax

Heirs and endowment

  • Formative assets transfer to heirs
  • Tax-optimised asset planning at during lifetime
  • Consultation regarding tax-free testaments and contracts
  • Creating your inheritance and gift tax declaration

Our tax consultant for general tax advice:

Dariusz Kowalczyk

German tax consultant
Master of business administration
Polish tax consultant
Special consultant for restructuring and insolvency administration (DStV e. V.)


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