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Tax returns

We shape taxes. For you: as an individual, as a business, as a citizen and foreigner, as natural and legal person. Each tax return is created taking into consideration the best possible benefits to the client.



The following services are included in this aspect:

Tax returns for individuals

  • Income tax returns (ITR) for unlimited and limited taxable person
  • Application for income tax reduction
  • Tax returns for inheritance tax
  • Application for grant scheme for first-home buyers

Business tax returns

  • Declarations regarding separate and uniform determination of tax fundamentals
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Business tax returns
  • Sales tax returns
  • Sales tax registrations
  • Application for extension of period and registration of special advance payment
  • Recapitulation statement
  • Income tax registration
  • Capital gains tax registration

Other declaration obligations towards the revenue board

  • Application for refund of sales tax for domestic and foreign companies
  • Application for reimbursement of building tax.
  • Application for granting an exemption certificate according to § 48 b of the Income Tax Act
  • Application for electricity tax refund
  • Application for refund of petroleum revenue tax
  • Application to grant a certificate for persons with limited income tax obligation.
  • Tax-related support for business establishments of foreign companies
  • Double Taxation Agreement (DTA)

Our tax consultant for tax returns:

Dariusz Kowalczyk

German tax consultant
Master of business administration
Polish tax consultant
Special consultant for restructuring and insolvency administration (DStV e. V.)


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